TreatYoSelf days 7 and 8

TreatYoSelf day 7 kinda got off to a weird start. You see, on day 6, while driving to the winery, I passed the ex’s car parked at a house in my neighborhood. I could have gone the whole year without seeing him or his car again. But there it was. Right around the corner from my house, parked in a driveway of someone he never knew while we were together. So you can see how my imagination might have gone a bit wild since it was still parked there at 1 am when I got home. So….I had trouble sleeping since I couldn’t turn my brain off. I ended up going to the living room at 4 am and watching a movie and taking a sleeping pill before I finally went back to bed and slept till noon.

But I decided to try a new recipe for day seven. I had a flat iron steak in my freezer, so I thawed it while I was at the gym and followed this recipe to make carnitas in the crock pot.  It was delicious! (And didn’t take the full 8 hours, it only took about 4 since I only had a one pound steak.)

I put them on nachos instead of tacos, and added green onions. DELISH. They were even good leftover for dinner last night.


Day 8 I decided to use a Victoria’s Secret rewards card and buy a new bra.  It’s still weird going to buy lingerie, because in all honesty, for a while there, when I would pick out nightgowns or bras, I would think to myself “B would love this,” and I found myself thinking those thoughts last night. EVEN THOUGH HE DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE IN HELL OF SEEING THE THINGS I BOUGHT. But training myself not to think like that is hard. I was always trying to please him. (Which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t know that he worried as much about making me happy as I did about making him happy. Lots of take and not a lot of give, ya know?)

It was burning a hole in my wallet
It was burning a hole in my wallet

So I bought a bra he probably would have loved. But I loved it. And that’s what mattered. And then I went to the gym and ran, and it felt amazing. Must run more soon.

I hope you readers are treating yourselves to some fun things this month. Fell free to share if you are!

Author: A.M.

A twenty-something just trying to figure out life in the capitol city!

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